The Growing Intolerance

Intolerance is rising…Yes, you read it right. It’s the word that is all over the social media, news debates, and political circles. It is also a hot topic at Chai wala’s shop these days. Seriously most of us really have no idea about how intolerant or tolerant we are? We can’t even tolerate a debate on tolerance. And both the sides are intolerant in accepting the viewpoints of the other side.

We, the masses, are heavily influenced by one side or the other. And when we face the other side of the story, even if we know the truth, we tend to ignore and stand with what we have been consistently speaking about. We are not politicians. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts, Social Media, My blog, and our voices are not at the service of political interests of those others who are influencing us to side with them.

Don’t be a victim and a propagator of Hate Speech at the same time over any platform. Yes, the Choice is truly yours to exercise. You are entitled to freedom of speech & expression given by Constitution of India. But it’s high time to realize that freedom comes with a responsibility. Without responsibility, there is no freedom at all. It is easy to hurt someone for the alleged wrongdoings of others, but it is not easy to be a victim in such a case. Don’t do to others what you do not want to be done to you.

Most importantly, stop judging people by their political orientation. And most of us are not black and white with these subjective issues nor was it meant to be so. A good work by Modi, Gandhi (Rahul) or Kejriwal deserves mention and appreciation irrespective of our political affiliation. Equally important is the criticism when the need be. We All Most of us want a tolerant India with better opportunities for development and growth. Let’s work towards that goal.

Enough litter has been thrown, it’s time to Clean up. No need to tolerate my views either. Option to criticize is always open. But I am one among you, at least appreciate the goodness that we have in common and maybe someday, we will have much in common to stand up for each other and for the whole of India.

Thank You for tolerating me. Views are strictly personal, so is the toleration level. Please comment with your views to enrich the discussion. 


  1. Most people don't have any strong view of their own. they go with the tide. If Mr Modi is the most powerful person, they support him. Tomorrow if some leftist proves to be an efficient leader, people will follow him. Hence it is the duty of the leader to use that pliability properly. Mr Modi is using it improperly.

  2. Thanks for reading and providing your valuable insight...yes, a leader and a representative is more accountable and duty bound. He/she must act responsibly at all times.


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