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The truly Befikar Shopping Experience!

We all love Shopping and with time, its becoming simpler and easier. Online Shopping has brought the experience just a click away. Diwali is the perfect time to shop for us Indians. I wanted to buy something or the other this time. I have much online shopping experience with regard to books and related stuff. But i wanted to purchase something different this time. 
Not all shopping experiences end up good as was evidenced by some of us after a famous online shopping website announced a maha-sale and ended up ruining its reputation by disappointing its customers. Though there could be nothing more convenient than shopping online from home and if the experience could be made worry-free, Its the best that can be.
Hence i thought of checking for options over the internet and i came across Quikr. The tagline 'No fikr, Bech Quikr!' caught the attention.

This is not the first time that i am buying from Quikr. I have already bought an Air Conditioner this summer from Quikr and the experi…

The Dark and Gloomy Night is over!

Team Name: Maximus Dramaticus

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Aryan was headed towards Rama Krishna Puram where the dead body of Paresh aka Percival was found. RK Puram is a location midway between Safdarjung and Old city of Siri. It was constructed in the second phase of extension of New Delhi around 1970s. It mostly contained double-storeyed housing blocks with 2-3 bedroom apartments. 
While driving, Aryan was really confused about whom to suspect and whom not to. Except Tara, Jennifer and sweet Little Roohi, There was no one he could really trust. Each one of them was trapped in a cob web some way or the other. Aryan made some bullet points for himself:
Lallan, Samantha (Seema) and Paresh (Percival); the trio was involved in the 2-years old murder case that was basically a series of 9 murders happening over 9 weeks.Shekhar, Paresh and Lallan are connected through the big bullion Drug trafficking business. Cyrus, though seems a victim…

Why Should I be Good?

Team Name: Maximus Dramaticus

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“Well. It’s a haunting story. A story that will kill all the goodness that still remains in your heart. Would you still want to know? Are you sure? Are you? I won’t keep any secrets except the secret itself.
Ha ha!! No pun intended.
But why should I? Have you ever cared about me? Rather leave me aside, have you ever cared about a roadside beggar in the truest sense. What moral rights do you have to dictate your terms and they have nothing else, but to live accordingly?
Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…!! We are such a huge country with 1.2 billion population but who owns all the money? The aspiring and successful people like you. And what do people like me get? Nothing except the disrespect that you throw at us.
You want to hire me for a night for your sensual pleasure? Not anymore, you bastard, not anymore!
I will change the rules of the world!! Do you get that? Are you listening? Why are you not replying?! Are you afraid of me? Are…

आख़िर किसे फ़र्क पड़ता है..

वो हर एक शख्स जो मुझे आजमाता है,
क्या वो मुझे जानता भी है?
जिस कदर खेलता है मुझसे,
क्या पहचानता भी है?

अपनी मर्ज़ी से मुझे छूता है,
छेड़ता है, कचोटता है;
प्यार भी दिखाता है और
नफ़रत भी करता है |

जब मन आता है,
अपने फायदे के लिए इस्तेमाल करता है,
और नुकसान के डर से छोड़ भी देता है |

चाहे नर हो या मादा,
सबका है दोष आधा-आधा;
आख़िर मैं हूँ क्या ?
क्यों मुझे हरदम नीलाम करते हो?
जब खुद पर बन आती है,
आख़िर तभी क्यूँ डरते हो?

कहते सब मुझे अपना हैं,
मानता कोई भी नहीं |

मैं सबका अपना निजी स्वार्थ हूँ |

मैं वो सच हूँ,
जिसका अपना एक बाजार है |

मैं वो सच हूँ,
जिसका चल रहा व्यापार है |

मैं वो सच हूँ,
जो आज भ्रष्टाचार है |

मैं वो सच हूँ,
जो सचमुच बहुत बीमार है |

मैं वो सच हूँ, जिसे बोलने वाला मरता है |
मैं वो सच हूँ, जिसे बोलने से पहले एक इंसान सौ बार सबर करता है |
मैं वो सच हूँ, जिसको बोलने का साहस लोगों में कहीं खो गया है |
मैं वो सच हूँ, जो अब बर्दाश्त के बाहर हो गया है |
पर अब जो हूँ, जैसा हूँ, हूँ तो आख़िर सच, तो बोलूँगा भी वही |
एक और सच कहूँ?
बुरा तो नहीं मानोगे? खैर मानोगे भी तो, 

सच रहेगा तो…

I Warned You!

Team Name: Maximus Dramaticus

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“I warned you, you nasty bastard!”

Shouted the lady clad in white standing behind him. She was holding a razor in her hand, soaked in deep red blood. It was the same lady whom Cyrus saw the other day.

The sight was terrifying, the silence of the night was deafening. His heart sank with fear of death and he wanted to scream, but his voice betrayed him. His face turned pale, he stumbled and hit his head on the basin and fell unconscious on the floor.
Cyrus woke to the irritating sound of Alarm ringing somewhere. He so wished that someone switches off that irritating sound, but it continued ringing. He was lying on his washroom floor. He tried to search the source of the sound as it was coming from somewhere in the washroom itself. The irritating sound persisted.

It was his cell phone ringing alongside the basin. He tried to stand up but he felt unbearable pain in his legs. He was lying o…

मधु मुक्तक

बंद अभी करता मधुशाला, अब न पियूंगा बिल्कुल हाला| साकी की आँखें प्यासी हैं, हा! ये मैने क्या कर डाला|
नशे में बोलती हैं आदमी के दिल की आवाज़ें, होशवालों की ज़ुबान में आवाज़ नहीं होती |
तेरी नज़रों के पैमाने लुढ़क गये हम पर, वरना हम यूँ नशा नहीं करते |
कल जो लब से पिलाई थी उसने, हम अभी भी उसी असर में हैं |
सुबह सुबह बोतल शराब की बातें, ये तेरी इंक़लाब की बातें; होश आएगा भूल जाएगा, हैं ये सारी ही ख्वाब की बातें |