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Bits of the Smart in your Phone

Read somewhere, ''Women are crazy, Men are stupid.'' 

Now that the phones are smart, we can be more stupid, crazy and fun with the smartphones. Today’s smartphones are literally magical machines. They can work as gaming consoles, business tools, and musical instruments; all at the same time. Doesn’t that little thing feel great in hand!
Do you know your smartphone as well as you think you do? Let’s take the smart ride and know some bits of technology just like #Technocrats.
We all have heard of it. It’s the most popular smartphone operating system. It has been developed by Google. Interestingly, this OS was initially planned for digital cameras. Its beauty lies in the fact that anyone can freely develop Android. It’s the most customizable OS with its open ecosystem. Even its logo is a free source, so you can use it the way you would like to.
Well, the mention of the word ‘4G’ reminds me of that girl used in advertisements by a leading company. Let’s make it simpl…

The Growing Intolerance

Intolerance is rising…Yes, you read it right. It’s the word that is all over the social media, news debates, and political circles. It is also a hot topic at Chai wala’s shop these days. Seriously most of us really have no idea about how intolerant or tolerant we are? We can’t even tolerate a debate on tolerance. And both the sides are intolerant in accepting the viewpoints of the other side.

We, the masses, are heavily influenced by one side or the other. And when we face the other side of the story, even if we know the truth, we tend to ignore and stand with what we have been consistently speaking about. We are not politicians. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts, Social Media, My blog, and our voices are not at the service of political interests of those others who are influencing us to side with them.
Don’t be a victim and a propagator of Hate Speech at the same time over any platform. Yes, the Choice is truly yours to exercise. You are entitled to freedom of speech & expression …

Some are truly made of GREAT

We meet so many individuals during the journey called life. Every one of us is unique. Our experiences with them constitute the learning that makes us into whatever we become over a period of time. The best people to be with are the ones who inspire us. These are the people who know how to live and love with an open heart. Their thoughts, ideas, feelings make us trust them and with time, they make us understand the meaning of greatness.
Greatness is not related to money or fame or heroism. It is a habit. It makes one face the troubling situations. Greatness is the test of substance of the character. Greatness is simplicity, love and true beauty of the inner self.

Greatness is a rarity. Many of us are good at something or the other. Some of us are better than many of us. But Only some are truly made of great. This post is a tribute to those great inspirational individuals.

I also encountered a few people who have truly been great and inspirational. These are the ones who are undeniably #m…