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Digital Bharat Abhiyaan

India is going through a phase of transition. The New India, the India that is technologically up and vibrant is replacing the old India. Naturally like every other change, this one will take some time to transform India holistically but changes have started taking place almost everywhere from the most advanced metro cities to the countryside villages.

India is aspiring to be a Knowledge Economy and Digital India Project is the vehicle of Government of India to drive that change. The programme aims to ensure easy accessibility to government services and technology infrastructure for all. At present, Information Technology (IT) gives employment to more than 30 lakh people and by the end of Digital India Project, it will generate employment for another 45-50 million people which is gigantic.

Digital India is a programme to prepare India for a future that will transform the existing infrastructure. Technology is the central enabler of this upcoming change. A detailed description of Digital…

Hello Happiness!

Happiness lies in the sweet little things that we do in our lives. We can always observe a few people with highly negative attitudes brooding about every situation, however, good or bad, and making a sad face out of it. And we equally find a few others who love to take risks, challenges and even in the most difficult situations, keep calm and stay happy. Isn’t it quite possible that they are following a formula for happiness that astonishingly always works for them?
To be fair, most of us don’t even do much to lead happy lives and just wish for something magical to happen which never does. The problem really is that we are seldom able to find that something, we have done recently, which could provide us satisfaction and happiness in life. Happiness really lies in the smallest things that we do in our lives. It is all about appreciating the moment as and when something good happens.
To enjoy something and feel happy about it, we need our attention and focus towards it. What we focus upo…

Happiness is meeting a good friend!

Happiness is a feeling which comes from our own actions. It provides more meaning to life. All the struggles, rough patches, friends, foes and incidents of life are a pursuit of a person towards happiness, whether one actually meets with happiness or not and how frequently is a different story altogether. I am no different a person. I too strive for happiness and want to grab every opportunity coming my way.
Life is not all bright sunny days, nor is it so for the relationships that we build in our life. Friendship is one such relation. The beauty of it is that a friend promises to be together in the journey called life. This togetherness is more important and critical in times of trouble than in happiness. It is the greatest gift of life.
Friendship takes time and effort to build. It grows gradually and one must be willing to get to know the other person. It is important to be yourself in a friendship for it to last forever and equally important to accept the other person as such.
The …

Be the Change, don't wait for it!

Change is part and parcel of life. Changes may be good or bad. At times, a change that seems good may turn bad or vice versa. But the fact of the matter is that whether we accept them or reject them, changes are always there. Change is the only permanent truth about life. 
It is difficult to accept this truth in one’s own life as with every change, come difficulties which need to be dealt with. The way we handle the change defines how we progress with our lives and turn ourselves into the best that we can possibly be. As I have learnt with life, a change is an opportunity to better the outcomes, to discover and explore beyond the present realms that you have access to. Dealing with a change might not always result in a pleasant outcome, but in the end it will possibly be worth taking the challenge than denying the chance to better ourselves.
After completing my graduation, I got a decent job in the city of dreams Mumbai. I loved roaming around the city, its landscape. Mumbai has encapsu…

Hope is a good thing..

Hope is a very good thing. It is being able to see the light despite the darkness. It is around us in almost everyone that we meet if we have the courage and optimism to find a glimmer of hope. The world is full of stories about optimism, about life, about love. I personally have a few that I have encountered at some or the other time. I would like to mention one of them.
It took place on a sunny Sunday morning in the month of March in 2001. I was a student of Class 10th in those days. At the age of 15, I was a sincere but shy boy. My High School Board exams were going on. Exam centre was 10 km away from my residence. I used to travel by shared autos that are a norm in my city Kanpur. This mode of transport is cheaper and convenient.
On that fateful day, I was late than usual days for my travel to the exam centre. In my hurry, I forgot to take the money with me. I boarded a tempo from the auto stand near my house and de-boarded it to interchange for another going towards my exam centre.…

#MyFamilyMyPride Who seeks, shall find!

HDFC Life and Indiblogger have given me an opportunity to blog about a family member who has guided and encouraged me to grow into a better, self-reliant person. In a way, family is all about cooperation, love and care. Family is the first school where a child learns to be herself. A mother understands it better than anyone else in the family. Parents nurture the mind and soul of the child and guide her into a self-reliant grown up. I dedicate this post to the parent closer to the heart, my mother.
I wrote a poem a few years back on Maa in Hindi:
"हे माँ!तुझसे बढकर ना कोई अपना, अब जागा हूँ नींद से देख रहा था सपना। करुणा ममता अपनेपन में तू अनुपम है, दया प्रेम सौहार्द्र का तू संगम है।।
जब मैं रोया तूने मुझको गले लगाया, जब भी मुस्काया तूने है साथ निभाया। चला गिरा दौड़ा लातें भी मारी तुझपर; पर न्योछावर करती रही तू प्रेम निरन्तर।।
In short, these lines describe values that a mother is an ocean of. She enriches her child with love, compassion and care. She hugs the child when she cries and always…