The Dark and Gloomy Night is over!

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Aryan was headed towards Rama Krishna Puram where the dead body of Paresh aka Percival was found. RK Puram is a location midway between Safdarjung and Old city of Siri. It was constructed in the second phase of extension of New Delhi around 1970s. It mostly contained double-storeyed housing blocks with 2-3 bedroom apartments. 

While driving, Aryan was really confused about whom to suspect and whom not to. Except Tara, Jennifer and sweet Little Roohi, There was no one he could really trust. Each one of them was trapped in a cob web some way or the other. Aryan made some bullet points for himself:

  • Lallan, Samantha (Seema) and Paresh (Percival); the trio was involved in the 2-years old murder case that was basically a series of 9 murders happening over 9 weeks.
  • Shekhar, Paresh and Lallan are connected through the big bullion Drug trafficking business.
  •  Cyrus, though seems a victim, is hiding something behind his innocent face. He has a story to tell, to say the least or maybe he himself is writing one.
  • There also is a visible and obvious connection between what happened 2 years ago and what is happening now. Now this is not just about Monday nights, Re-opening the case has messed up everything.
All is a riddle, and the key to a riddle is another riddle; Aryan thought. He loved his job and the messier the case, the happier he felt solving it. He had reached the crime location. It was an Apartment Complex where Professor Paresh was living on the second floor. His body was laying in the big hall. 

Upper half of the body was resting over the legs of a chair while the chair was clutched with a hand, legs were smeared with his own blood making a ghasty red pool of gore. He was murdered with some sharp object while there were multiple visible cuts on his body. There was a quiet in the hall and everything was in order. It was clear that the murderer was someone Paresh knew well and was expecting, rather than being hit by a surprise visitor.

Aryan went to check for something suspicious in the adjoining rooms. The study room was well decorated with paintings and sketches on the wall. There was an old painting with a round table having King Arthur presiding with his knights, it was related to a legend in the Welsh Literature. While another painting with a similar round table was having empty presiding chair with Percival written over it. There was a Red Cross mark over the name Percival. The mark seemed fresh and must have been made in last 24 hours. Aryan instructed the officials to check for any finger prints.

In the bed room, there was a king-sized double bed with a neatly ordered bed sheet and pillows. It was too orderly to be regular, Aryan was sure of finding something fishy in the room. He looked out for clue and jumped with joy as soon as he looked just below the bed. There was a used condom lying beneath. 'So Professor was having quite a fun!', Aryan thought to Himself. Paresh was single since his wife died in a Car Accident a few years back. He was perhaps finding solace from his mis-deeds in arms of a lady and the lady ensured that he rests in peace!


There was a tranquil and calm breeze flowing, it was early morning and the night was at its darkest. Cyrus was sitting just outside the phone booth looking into the eyes of Jennifer inquisitively. He just got introduced to a whole new Jennifer he never knew about and was shocked with the revelation.

Jennifer tried to justify herself, She pleaded, “Please try to understand my situation, Cy. I really had no other options than what I chose to do.”

Cyrus was also concerned but he knew that probably Jennifer has gone way too far. He whispered, “Jenny, Why did you not tell me all this earlier? Don’t you think it has already been too late to make mends?”

Jennifer knew her limits and responded saying, “Cy, We can still correct it. It is just never too late. And it is only now that I truly know that you loved me all the while. How did it get so late so soon?”

Cyrus reciprocated with love, “No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back.”

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” saying this Jennifer sat beside Cyrus, took his hand in hers and put her head over his masculine chest. Her emotional mayhem subsided into his loving warm embrace. 

Cyrus looked deep into the eyes of Jennifer and they both melted. The warm embrace turned into a kiss, a deep passionate kiss and far in the horizon, a ray of hope sparkled in the brightest of colours. The dark and gloomy night was over!


The kind of man Lallan was, should not be messed with. He headed the drugs syndicate supplying the whole of North India. To keep up with his reputation, he was active maintaining relationship with politicians by supplying them with young girls brought to the capital city of Delhi from all across the country.

Cyrus got Lallan to visit court over a 2-year old shut case.  This was too much for Lallan. He was not going to let this go unpunished. He had his plan well set. “The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.” He thought to himself and chuckled.

Lallan himself was a womanizer and loved playing Casanova to all the women around. Samantha and Jennifer were just puppets in his hands or so he felt. While Samantha aka Seema was playing her own game, she knew she had to win the trust of Lallan to do what she had planned to. After all, with foxes, We must play the fox.

But who was really controlling the other? What was the real truth, or are there any real truths? Don’t we just have our own subjective truths all around?


Birds started tweeting and welcoming the morning. Cyrus took hand of Jennifer into his own and started strolling towards the Chuna Mandi House. He knew what he had to do now. There was enough mess already and he had to clean it all with Jennifer. 

Jennifer had done too many wrongs which needed to be set right. His heart felt heavy with the wrong-doings of Jennifer while at the same time, it was light after expressing its love for her. He entered the house, shut the door and started walking upstairs. Jennifer clutches his hand tighter and signals with her eyes that they need to discuss something right there in the Veranda before going upstairs.

“What happened, Dear Jenny?”

“Cy, My heart is beating faster. I am terrified. Lallan is a dangerous man. He might frame some serious charges against me and I will have no way out of this mess.”

“Yes, He can do that. But why be afraid, Jenny? We will together find a way out of this.”

“Cy, my love. We can but only after I bring my diary back from Kochi which has some important revelations about all this and has a day-to-day account of all that I have done in the past. If that diary reaches into wrong hands, which it will as soon as Lallan knows about us; then I will have no options to turn back.”

“Jenny, if it is so important. Then not you, but I will go and get the diary for you. Your safety is extremely important and at no cost can I compromise with it. You will be safe here with Tara accompanying you. Did you get that?”

“Okay Sweetheart, May the force be with you!” said Jennifer and She smiled. They cut the discussion short with a warm embrace which spoke a thousand words without uttering even one. After all, The strength of a man isn’t seen in the power of his arms, it’s seen in the love with which he embraces his love. 


Shekhar was feeling ashamed of what he really made of himself in the last few years. What he wished to be and what he ended up being. His heart skipped a beat when he saw danger to his sweet little Roohi but he still could not learn from it. How come he made himself into such a bad person? He has hurt his beloved Tara so much. The love between them is no more visible and the rift had grown manifold in last few days. He felt sorry for himself.

Shekhar looked at Tara. She was nestling Roohi and trying to make her sleep in the bed. She is so lovely and what has he given to her except pain? He felt remorse and wanted to repent, he was unable to stand on his feet. He burst into tears and asked for forgiveness from Tara. He knew it is too late. She also knew it is too late. But when birds can sing after a storm. Why should not they feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them? She was hating him a moment before, but now her love for him recovered.

She took him to the balcony and convinced him that She still believes that he will set right everything and won’t indulge into these criminal acitivities to make cheap money. Love was once again finding a place to live in. Or was it a brief phase of silence before the storm?

Roohi shrieked from inside the room. Shekhar and Tara ran towards the room to find out what awaits them.

To be continued..


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