Hope is a good thing..

Hope is a very good thing. It is being able to see the light despite the darkness. It is around us in almost everyone that we meet if we have the courage and optimism to find a glimmer of hope. The world is full of stories about optimism, about life, about love. I personally have a few that I have encountered at some or the other time. I would like to mention one of them.

It took place on a sunny Sunday morning in the month of March in 2001. I was a student of Class 10th in those days. At the age of 15, I was a sincere but shy boy. My High School Board exams were going on. Exam centre was 10 km away from my residence. I used to travel by shared autos that are a norm in my city Kanpur. This mode of transport is cheaper and convenient.

On that fateful day, I was late than usual days for my travel to the exam centre. In my hurry, I forgot to take the money with me. I boarded a tempo from the auto stand near my house and de-boarded it to interchange for another going towards my exam centre. When I got off the tempo and checked my pockets to pay him, I realized that I have not even a penny to pay for.

I was already late and going back to my house was not a choice. I was struck by panic and tension. It seemed as if I would not be able to reach the exam centre. Tempo driver was waiting for his money and I had none to give. I explained to him my situation, but he was adamant. I really had no choice.

At that moment, another auto driver came to my rescue. He paid for me and assured me that he will take me to the exam centre. Thereafter he took me to the exam centre, dropped me there and motivated me to give the exam with the cool and calm mind. He also asked me when the exam will be over and as I came out of the exam hall, he was waiting there for me.

He dropped me back to my house. When I reached back, I tried to repay him, but he denied any payments. Probably whatever he did, however, big or small, could not have been repaid in terms of money either. It is a really small story and he did no courageous act, but certainly an act that reassures faith and hope in the world that we are living in. He came forward to help in a circumstance where he could easily have shied away and had no reasons to help either. But he still chose to do something good.

The day I passed my exams with flying colours, I had many people to thank for my success- my parents, my teachers and a few of my friends. But he was also the one who played a part in that success story, a Dark Knight that rose to the occasion. I have since met him many times and every time I see him, I see hope and optimism and love and a beautiful smile. He did an act of goodness that I will never measure on a scale and will certainly never forget!

It all could be summed up beautifully in a dialogue from a movie I love, “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.” So keep hoping and keep shining!

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