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Sunday, June 14, 2015

#ComeCloser to Skin Care

Beautiful glowing, radiant skin is something that everyone desires. Some studies also reveal that our genetic material is wired in such a manner that we are more likely to get attracted to people with radiant skin because it is a sign of good health. Thus, it seems rational to care for the skin and to work towards a clear, soft and radiant skin. 

All good things come to those who wait. But wait without work serves no good. One does not necessarily need to spend huge sums of money on skin care, rather a few simple habits and natural skin care tips can help you take care of your skin on everyday basis. 

It is equally important to understand why our skin loses radiance and becomes rough and dry with age or during some seasons. Skin becomes drier when it loses too much water or oil. Cold or dry air and/or winter weather can worsen dry skin. As one ages, skin pores naturally produce less oil. Even excessive bathing can cause the skin to become dry.

A few golden rules to take care of skin are extremely important and if practiced as habits, skin will be taken care of.

  • Moisturizing is essential. The need to moisturize your skin when it becomes dry is a no-brainer. But it’s important to moisturize effectively. Moisturizing should be frequent and consistent. Moisturize every night before you go to sleep. Moisturizing when the skin is still slightly wet ensures some more hydration. Allow the skin to dry naturally so it can absorb all the moisture.
  •  Exercise. Exercise keeps you in good health. It keeps muscles and joints healthy and toned and helps sweat out toxins. It also improves blood circulation and thus a healthier skin. Choose the type of exercise that makes you feel good. You should enjoy it and have fun.
  • Meditation and Effective Breathing. Emotional and mental stress sucks out all the vital juices from the skin and makes it dehydrated. You should consider meditation and breathing as these could prove to be very effective stress busters. Deep breathe for 5-10 minutes to calm yourself down or to feel better.
  • Eat Healthy. Add easier to digest high water content vegetables like carrot, cucumber to your diet. These have purifying properties. These vegetables are beneficial for all skin types. Foods with natural healthy fat content are also important to improve the condition of your skin. Nuts and seeds can serve as important portion of your food these being rich in omega-3, healthy fat and fibre. Also limit your intake of salty and fried foods.
  • Stay Hydrated. If you can keep coldness and dryness away, your skin will stay younger for longer duration. Drink lots of water, it also helps flush toxins from your system. You should try to stay hydrated throughout the day and give preference to warm liquids such as Tea. If you take some spicy tea with fresh ginger and lemon, it can take care of your digestion and you will feel refreshed. It will prove healthy for your skin.
To sum it all, Staying hydrated from the inside is important, but you must not take care of your skin from outside. Cleansing and moisturizing are most vital to keep your skin healthy and young. Practice these as a habit and experience the glowing skin. 

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Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel App Simplifies Life

I have been using an Airtel prepaid connection since last 6 years and it provides best in class network connectivity in India. But the deal does not end right there, it also provides nice plans at cheaper rates for its regular customers. Luckily, I am also one of them.

Airtel also reminds me of some of the beautiful ads it has produced and its new logo in red is simply remarkable.

Recently Airtel has launched My Airtel App for its android users and the same will be released for IOS very soon. My Airtel App is a simplified means to access all Airtel Services ranging from mobile services to DTH at one place which adds convenience. It offers services like checking bills, preparing payments, activating services, raising complaints, and more specifically ordering movies for Airtel DTH customers.

I am using Airtel prepaid connection as well as an Airtel DTH connection. So considering its usability, I downloaded the application as soon as I got to know about it. I was eager to see the new features.

The application is very small in size (~5 MB) like many other recharge applications. It just intends that it will require lesser space on a smartphone and one would not have to bother about space constraints which generally occurs when one has to install a bulky application.

Once I registered my Airtel prepaid account with the app, it started displaying all the accounts related information for my Airtel prepaid number as well as DTH connection.

I had read about the “shake” feature of My Airtel App in news articles. I tried using it and it gives some exciting exclusive offers while you shake the phone. The shake feature is interesting and it gives comfort in accessing offers but to select an offer out of the given selections, one yet has to select it with the help of touch. If this could likewise have been included in the shake feature, it would have made the feature more praiseworthy.

“I Want to” is another feature that caught my attention. This is a distinctive idea which helps you save your most frequent tasks on home screen of your smartphone as short cuts. This feature simplifies the use of the app and gives the application a personal touch with ample freedom to the user to decide the important tasks accordingly and enlist them. It makes accessing everything as easy as it could possibly be.

The other key feature that I loved is about surprises. Airtel promises to give ‘Airtel Surprise’ Coupons with every recharge that one does on the app. This is just amazing. For somebody like me, who enjoys shopping online it provides a hell lot of options across categories like shopping, food, health and entertainment. They have partnered with many popular brands like PVR Cinemas, Café Coffee Day, Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Myntra, Archies and VLCC among others.

To sum it up, I simply loved the My Airtel app for its interactive and user-friendly experience. Download My Airtel App for yourself and experience the simplicity.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Digital Bharat Abhiyaan

India is going through a phase of transition. The New India, the India that is technologically up and vibrant is replacing the old India. Naturally like every other change, this one will take some time to transform India holistically but changes have started taking place almost everywhere from the most advanced metro cities to the countryside villages.

India is aspiring to be a Knowledge Economy and Digital India Project is the vehicle of Government of India to drive that change. The programme aims to ensure easy accessibility to government services and technology infrastructure for all. At present, Information Technology (IT) gives employment to more than 30 lakh people and by the end of Digital India Project, it will generate employment for another 45-50 million people which is gigantic.

Digital India is a programme to prepare India for a future that will transform the existing infrastructure. Technology is the central enabler of this upcoming change. A detailed description of Digital India Programme can be read at DEITy website.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hello Happiness!

Happiness lies in the sweet little things that we do in our lives. We can always observe a few people with highly negative attitudes brooding about every situation, however, good or bad, and making a sad face out of it. And we equally find a few others who love to take risks, challenges and even in the most difficult situations, keep calm and stay happy. Isn’t it quite possible that they are following a formula for happiness that astonishingly always works for them?

To be fair, most of us don’t even do much to lead happy lives and just wish for something magical to happen which never does. The problem really is that we are seldom able to find that something, we have done recently, which could provide us satisfaction and happiness in life. Happiness really lies in the smallest things that we do in our lives. It is all about appreciating the moment as and when something good happens.

To enjoy something and feel happy about it, we need our attention and focus towards it. What we focus upon changes how we feel about it. If we concentrate more on the bad aspects, we are more likely to feel bad about a certain situation. What if we concentrate on the good and positive aspects? Naturally, we will feel better, lighter and happier.

Like everything else, Happiness begins at home. The little things that we do within the walls of our home can really change our mood or shape our outlook towards the life. Experiences and their memories make us happier that material things, so why not try to make our homes full of positive and blissful memories as much as possible.

Reflecting upon a good event is another important act. By pausing to reflect towards a good event, we feel gratitude and happiness follows. But life is not a bed of roses. Not all that we experience is going to be good either. There will be bad experiences and bad memories. At times, it is way too difficult to forget them. It is better that we accept and get into those memories and then show them their right place.

We can’t afford to keep the bad memories in the mind for long durations, that will only increase the negativity and by the time we will come over it, there will be many more things to feel bad and guilty about. Be consciously aware that there are people around you, who are concerned about you and want to see you happy. Should you not be one of them? Make sure to give back and spread the love that you find. Happiness is all about giving back and making the world a beautiful place to live and cherish.

Do make occasions to laugh. Share the good experiences. Even a smile can make you feel better. Spend some quality time with the people you like and love. This will help you in maintaining supportive relationships which will guide and help you in the times of stress. One is more likely to feel lonely and depressed if she/he doesn’t spend much time with family and friends.  

Also, take some time away from the busy schedule of the day for yourself. Think about your life, meditate to find some peace in the silence. This will refresh you and revitalize your inner self.

Do what you love doing and try to avoid making big mistakes. Mistakes will happen but learn to keep moving forward with them. Don’t brood too much over a mistake. Do give others a chance to rectify their mistakes. Everyone is fighting a hard battle. Do consider it. Learn to forgive yourself and others. It will make life easier.

Last but certainly not the least, Take your time and make a deliberate effort to appreciate the good and the positive about people, things, and situations. Sooner you will realize more happiness. It’s just a thought away. Give it a try and Happiness is truly yours to savour and relish!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happiness is meeting a good friend!

Happiness is a feeling which comes from our own actions. It provides more meaning to life. All the struggles, rough patches, friends, foes and incidents of life are a pursuit of a person towards happiness, whether one actually meets with happiness or not and how frequently is a different story altogether. I am no different a person. I too strive for happiness and want to grab every opportunity coming my way.

Life is not all bright sunny days, nor is it so for the relationships that we build in our life. Friendship is one such relation. The beauty of it is that a friend promises to be together in the journey called life. This togetherness is more important and critical in times of trouble than in happiness. It is the greatest gift of life.

Friendship takes time and effort to build. It grows gradually and one must be willing to get to know the other person. It is important to be yourself in a friendship for it to last forever and equally important to accept the other person as such.

The times have changed with the evolution of information technology and social networking. It offers immense opportunities to meet new people, get to know them and change total strangers into real friends. This also is a platform, where we first virtually meet and the actual meeting might happen long after, two people have become friends while the traditional way is to meet first and then befriend.

Social networking and my interest in it have grown simultaneously. I have made good friends with a few whom I have met only because of the internet. This article is about one of them. Our interaction happened due to an email I was forwarding to an acquaintance which mistakenly got sent to somebody else. That was the start of our communication. He responded back and then I reverted. In a few email interactions, we got to know about each other and our interests made it easier for us to become friends.

In short time, we became really good friends. We exchanged numbers, started talking. . The phase when our interaction started, I was going through a down patch. He was a true inspiration and he motivated me to look up and stay positive. Opportunities knock on the door only when one waits with patience and persistence. I also knew it all, but during the bad times, a friendly support is all one needs and it truly helps. It immensely helped me recover from the bad phase. All that and we were living in two different cities far apart.

So our conversations were limited to the internet and mobile for a few years. Then I got a chance to visit his city for attending a marriage ceremony of a good friend of mine. Finally, I got the chance to meet a friend I made virtually for the first time. It was quite an exciting feeling. It was good to see the person I have interacted with so many times to meet for the first time in the real sense of the meeting. That meeting made our friendship stronger and we have met quite many times since then. But the first meeting will always remain the first. It always brings smiles when I recall that.

All that we achieve in our lives is much due to the ones we love the most. The bonding that we share matters a lot. The feeling of togetherness is truly empowering!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Be the Change, don't wait for it!

Change is part and parcel of life. Changes may be good or bad. At times, a change that seems good may turn bad or vice versa. But the fact of the matter is that whether we accept them or reject them, changes are always there. Change is the only permanent truth about life. 

It is difficult to accept this truth in one’s own life as with every change, come difficulties which need to be dealt with. The way we handle the change defines how we progress with our lives and turn ourselves into the best that we can possibly be. As I have learnt with life, a change is an opportunity to better the outcomes, to discover and explore beyond the present realms that you have access to. Dealing with a change might not always result in a pleasant outcome, but in the end it will possibly be worth taking the challenge than denying the chance to better ourselves.

After completing my graduation, I got a decent job in the city of dreams Mumbai. I loved roaming around the city, its landscape. Mumbai has encapsulated millions of dreams in its soul which provide its depth. The city fills a visitor with an awe-inspiring feeling to reckon with. While living in the city, I came nearer to the dreams that I grew up with. The city motivated me to chase my dreams and to accept the required changes in the process. It was difficult to go back to academics after joining the job. Finance was another fact that needed to be dealt with. But above them all were my aspirations. What I always wanted myself to be. Though it was not absolutely clear to me, but somehow I had to go through the rigour of studies once again to discipline myself and reach nearer to my dreams.

It called for me to discontinue the job and leave the comfort of Mumbai to go to the city of Delhi and be a student once again. It took me months to decide but in the end, I positively decided in favour of my dreams and left the job to go back to academics. Now that I am chasing my dream in the city of Delhi, the decision that I took is far behind and the dreams that I chose are closer than they were. The path is well laid out, I have not yet reached the destination. But even the journey seems satisfying and worth taking the pain. The change has got the acceptance and some other changes might be round the corner. There did come a few moments of disappointments, but as the famous quote goes, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” 

It did seem difficult to start a new life afresh, but in the end, it certainly will be worth it. The lessons learnt hard are the lessons learnt forever. This is definitely one of them.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hope is a good thing..

Hope is a very good thing. It is being able to see the light despite the darkness. It is around us in almost everyone that we meet if we have the courage and optimism to find a glimmer of hope. The world is full of stories about optimism, about life, about love. I personally have a few that I have encountered at some or the other time. I would like to mention one of them.

It took place on a sunny Sunday morning in the month of March in 2001. I was a student of Class 10th in those days. At the age of 15, I was a sincere but shy boy. My High School Board exams were going on. Exam centre was 10 km away from my residence. I used to travel by shared autos that are a norm in my city Kanpur. This mode of transport is cheaper and convenient.

On that fateful day, I was late than usual days for my travel to the exam centre. In my hurry, I forgot to take the money with me. I boarded a tempo from the auto stand near my house and de-boarded it to interchange for another going towards my exam centre. When I got off the tempo and checked my pockets to pay him, I realized that I have not even a penny to pay for.

I was already late and going back to my house was not a choice. I was struck by panic and tension. It seemed as if I would not be able to reach the exam centre. Tempo driver was waiting for his money and I had none to give. I explained to him my situation, but he was adamant. I really had no choice.

At that moment, another auto driver came to my rescue. He paid for me and assured me that he will take me to the exam centre. Thereafter he took me to the exam centre, dropped me there and motivated me to give the exam with the cool and calm mind. He also asked me when the exam will be over and as I came out of the exam hall, he was waiting there for me.

He dropped me back to my house. When I reached back, I tried to repay him, but he denied any payments. Probably whatever he did, however, big or small, could not have been repaid in terms of money either. It is a really small story and he did no courageous act, but certainly an act that reassures faith and hope in the world that we are living in. He came forward to help in a circumstance where he could easily have shied away and had no reasons to help either. But he still chose to do something good.

The day I passed my exams with flying colours, I had many people to thank for my success- my parents, my teachers and a few of my friends. But he was also the one who played a part in that success story, a Dark Knight that rose to the occasion. I have since met him many times and every time I see him, I see hope and optimism and love and a beautiful smile. He did an act of goodness that I will never measure on a scale and will certainly never forget!

It all could be summed up beautifully in a dialogue from a movie I love, “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.” So keep hoping and keep shining!

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