कल की चिंता कौन करे!

लोग कहेंगे कायर था, पल दो पल का शायर था,
ख़ाक हुआ तो अच्छा है, मौन हुआ तो सच्चा है,
बोल उठा तो झूठा है, आओ इसको मौन करें,
आज में यारों जीते हैं, कल की चिंता कौन करे!

कल की चिंता कौन करे, कल कौन नया हो जाएगा,
फसल वही तो काटेंगे, जो आज कोई बो जाएगा। 
हमने नफरत बोई है, सच्चाई तो सोई है,
झूठों की सरकारें हैं, बुझे सभी अंगारे हैं। 
छद्म हमारी सत्ता है, Attitude अलबत्ता है,
देश  भले ही डूबेगा, हम तो पार उतर जायें। 
आओ यारों हवन करें, देश की चिंता कौन करे!

जिसको थोड़ी चिंता हो, आओ उसको मौन करें, 
आज में यारों जीते हैं, कल की चिंता कौन करे !

ये खोज अंतर्मुखी है...

जिस दिन तक दूसरों के पीछे भागोगे,
उस दिन तक कभी अपना स्वत्व नहीं पाओगे।
जब थककर अंदर झांकोगे,
आप ही अपनी मंज़िल पा जाओगे।

ये खोज अंतर्मुखी है...

अंतर्तम के गहन सूक्ष्म में सत्य प्रकट है,
ढूंढ उसे जो लिया, कहाँ फिर कुछ संकट है।
पर तुम से उस तक की यात्रा ही जीवन है, 
ढूंढ रहे चहुँओर जिसे, वो अंतर्मन है।

सदा छलावे व्याप्त रहे इस जग में ऐसे,
दिनकर को घेरे हों राहु केतु शत जैसे।
अंधकार का बादल पर जब छंट जाता है,
उसे छिपाना फिर कब संभव हो पाता है।

तुम दिनकर हो, तुम ईश्वर हो, तुम्ही विधाता,
तुम्ही प्रकृति हो, तुम रचना और तुम्ही रचयिता,
तुम्ही प्रकट हो, तुम्ही छिपे हो अपने अंदर,
तुम्ही बुरे हो, तुम्ही हो अच्छे मस्त कलंदर।

तुम ने ही था किया समर वो कुरुक्षेत्र का, 
तुम ने ही तुम को गीता का ज्ञान दिया था।
तुम्ही थे बैठे बोध गया में ज्ञान की खातिर, 
तुमने ही जग हेतु हलाहल पान किया था।

तुम से तुम तक और तुम्हारे बाहर भीतर, 
तुम्ही व्याप्त हो, तुम्ही छिपे हो तुम से बचकर।
तुमने ही ये भेद बनाये थे माया के,
तुम्ही गए हो भूल उन्हें इस तरह प्रकट कर।

भरा प्रकाश तुम्हारे भीतर है दिनकर का,
संशय फिर भी भरा हुआ है दुनिया भर का।
उसे हटाओ…

EVM Politics in UP Assembly Elections

Once Again, Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are under scrutiny. EVMs are being used, instead of paper ballot since few year in Assembly and General Elections. Ongoing debate is about the use of EVMs in Elections, whether they can be manipulated or not?Before starting the discussion, I would answer the question. YES, EVMs are not God-like and they certainly are not 100% tamper-proof. But It, certainly, is much safer than paper ballots . Going back to the paper ballot is certainly not the solution, rather it will be like going backwards in Electoral Reforms. We have better technologies to assist EVMs and Election Commission of India is experimenting with a few. 
Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) System is one such example. It is being used by the Election Commission of India alongwith EVMs in certain Constituent Assemblies to assist the voters. It helps the voters in verifying their vote. 
VVPAT was used in 20 Assembly Seats in Uttar Pradesh General Elections for Legislative Co…

Premchand and his Fantastico Novel Godaan

Reading is one of the most fantastico activities and a great pastime. Story telling is an art and some writers are the true magicians with their par excellent writings. This article is about one of the most favourite Hindi Writers of all time: Munshi Premchand.
Munshi Premchand, as we know him, was born as Dhanpat Rai Srivastav. His earlier writings were penned under the name of ‘Nawab Rai’ and later he switched to ‘Prem Chand’ as his pen name. He is famously quoted as the ‘Emperor among Novelists’. He is Shakespeare of Hindi Literature. He has written many short stories and novels and enriched both Hindi and Urdu literature.
He was one of the first hindi writers who voiced the concerns of discriminated sections of society. His writings are a beautiful description of the social surroundings that existed during British Period. He wrote detailed narratives about gender discrimination, caste hierarchies, poverty and corruption. In this article, I will try to elaborate upon one of his most…

My Beloved City of Delhi

Delhi is the city which mesmerizes each time one dwells upon its history. Its coexistence of historicity with modernity is what makes it unique. It has an incredible, splendid and composite heritage. Historically speaking, Delhi is an amalgamation of 8 cities including the modern city of New Delhi. 
Apart from the city of New Delhi, the other 7 historical cities of Delhiare:
Qila Rai Pithora – First city of Delhi dating to 10th Century AD. Anangpal, a Tomar Ruler is credited to have founded Delhi with its first city designed around Lal Kot.MehrauliSiriTughlaqabadFirozabadShergarh (City around Purana Qila)Shahjehanabad

The historical city of Delhi was devastated a few centuries ago due to excesses of its rulers. Urdu poet Mir Taqi Mir penned for his beloved city of Delhi while yearning for it-
"दिल्ली जो इक शहर था आलम में इन्तख़ाब,
रहते थे मुंतखिब ही जहां रोज़गार के,
जिस को फ़लक ने लूट के वीरान कर दिया;
हम रहने वाले हैं उसी उजड़े दयार के।"

(Delhi was the best city in the universe, where …

Eat less sugar, You are sweet enough already

Eating is one of the most important passions in life. I am a great foodie. Some dead man once said, “You are what you eat.” I have complete faith on this statement. So I make sure that I keep adding sweetness in my meals. Desserts are what makes up for this. Dessert is the most important stage of the meal. From cookies to cakes, desserts end a meal on a high note.

Cupcakes are one of my favourite dessert items. So when I read about making a dessert item to accept the challenge. I chose to make Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream cheese icing. To be fair, I am a newbie in the world of food preparation. A Friend helped me in making the sweet awesomeness.
My friend knows about my eating habits and so she commented, “Eat less sugar, you are sweet enough already.”
I countered with a witty smile, “Ants always eat sweet food….but they never get diabetes. So there is nothing to worry. Mujhe kuch nahi hoga. (Nothing will happen to me)”
But deep inside I knew, she was definitely right. We must take our…

Bits of the Smart in your Phone

Read somewhere, ''Women are crazy, Men are stupid.'' 

Now that the phones are smart, we can be more stupid, crazy and fun with the smartphones. Today’s smartphones are literally magical machines. They can work as gaming consoles, business tools, and musical instruments; all at the same time. Doesn’t that little thing feel great in hand!
Do you know your smartphone as well as you think you do? Let’s take the smart ride and know some bits of technology just like #Technocrats.
We all have heard of it. It’s the most popular smartphone operating system. It has been developed by Google. Interestingly, this OS was initially planned for digital cameras. Its beauty lies in the fact that anyone can freely develop Android. It’s the most customizable OS with its open ecosystem. Even its logo is a free source, so you can use it the way you would like to.
Well, the mention of the word ‘4G’ reminds me of that girl used in advertisements by a leading company. Let’s make it simpl…