Be the Change, don't wait for it!

Change is part and parcel of life. Changes may be good or bad. At times, a change that seems good may turn bad or vice versa. But the fact of the matter is that whether we accept them or reject them, changes are always there. Change is the only permanent truth about life. 

It is difficult to accept this truth in one’s own life as with every change, come difficulties which need to be dealt with. The way we handle the change defines how we progress with our lives and turn ourselves into the best that we can possibly be. As I have learnt with life, a change is an opportunity to better the outcomes, to discover and explore beyond the present realms that you have access to. Dealing with a change might not always result in a pleasant outcome, but in the end it will possibly be worth taking the challenge than denying the chance to better ourselves.

After completing my graduation, I got a decent job in the city of dreams Mumbai. I loved roaming around the city, its landscape. Mumbai has encapsulated millions of dreams in its soul which provide its depth. The city fills a visitor with an awe-inspiring feeling to reckon with. While living in the city, I came nearer to the dreams that I grew up with. The city motivated me to chase my dreams and to accept the required changes in the process. It was difficult to go back to academics after joining the job. Finance was another fact that needed to be dealt with. But above them all were my aspirations. What I always wanted myself to be. Though it was not absolutely clear to me, but somehow I had to go through the rigour of studies once again to discipline myself and reach nearer to my dreams.

It called for me to discontinue the job and leave the comfort of Mumbai to go to the city of Delhi and be a student once again. It took me months to decide but in the end, I positively decided in favour of my dreams and left the job to go back to academics. Now that I am chasing my dream in the city of Delhi, the decision that I took is far behind and the dreams that I chose are closer than they were. The path is well laid out, I have not yet reached the destination. But even the journey seems satisfying and worth taking the pain. The change has got the acceptance and some other changes might be round the corner. There did come a few moments of disappointments, but as the famous quote goes, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” 

It did seem difficult to start a new life afresh, but in the end, it certainly will be worth it. The lessons learnt hard are the lessons learnt forever. This is definitely one of them.

This is a part of #StartANewLife Activity by HOUSING.


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