Hello Happiness!

Happiness lies in the sweet little things that we do in our lives. We can always observe a few people with highly negative attitudes brooding about every situation, however, good or bad, and making a sad face out of it. And we equally find a few others who love to take risks, challenges and even in the most difficult situations, keep calm and stay happy. Isn’t it quite possible that they are following a formula for happiness that astonishingly always works for them?

To be fair, most of us don’t even do much to lead happy lives and just wish for something magical to happen which never does. The problem really is that we are seldom able to find that something, we have done recently, which could provide us satisfaction and happiness in life. Happiness really lies in the smallest things that we do in our lives. It is all about appreciating the moment as and when something good happens.

To enjoy something and feel happy about it, we need our attention and focus towards it. What we focus upon changes how we feel about it. If we concentrate more on the bad aspects, we are more likely to feel bad about a certain situation. What if we concentrate on the good and positive aspects? Naturally, we will feel better, lighter and happier.

Like everything else, Happiness begins at home. The little things that we do within the walls of our home can really change our mood or shape our outlook towards the life. Experiences and their memories make us happier that material things, so why not try to make our homes full of positive and blissful memories as much as possible.

Reflecting upon a good event is another important act. By pausing to reflect towards a good event, we feel gratitude and happiness follows. But life is not a bed of roses. Not all that we experience is going to be good either. There will be bad experiences and bad memories. At times, it is way too difficult to forget them. It is better that we accept and get into those memories and then show them their right place.

We can’t afford to keep the bad memories in the mind for long durations, that will only increase the negativity and by the time we will come over it, there will be many more things to feel bad and guilty about. Be consciously aware that there are people around you, who are concerned about you and want to see you happy. Should you not be one of them? Make sure to give back and spread the love that you find. Happiness is all about giving back and making the world a beautiful place to live and cherish.

Do make occasions to laugh. Share the good experiences. Even a smile can make you feel better. Spend some quality time with the people you like and love. This will help you in maintaining supportive relationships which will guide and help you in the times of stress. One is more likely to feel lonely and depressed if she/he doesn’t spend much time with family and friends.  

Also, take some time away from the busy schedule of the day for yourself. Think about your life, meditate to find some peace in the silence. This will refresh you and revitalize your inner self.

Do what you love doing and try to avoid making big mistakes. Mistakes will happen but learn to keep moving forward with them. Don’t brood too much over a mistake. Do give others a chance to rectify their mistakes. Everyone is fighting a hard battle. Do consider it. Learn to forgive yourself and others. It will make life easier.

Last but certainly not the least, Take your time and make a deliberate effort to appreciate the good and the positive about people, things, and situations. Sooner you will realize more happiness. It’s just a thought away. Give it a try and Happiness is truly yours to savour and relish!


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