Happiness is meeting a good friend!

Happiness is a feeling which comes from our own actions. It provides more meaning to life. All the struggles, rough patches, friends, foes and incidents of life are a pursuit of a person towards happiness, whether one actually meets with happiness or not and how frequently is a different story altogether. I am no different a person. I too strive for happiness and want to grab every opportunity coming my way.

Life is not all bright sunny days, nor is it so for the relationships that we build in our life. Friendship is one such relation. The beauty of it is that a friend promises to be together in the journey called life. This togetherness is more important and critical in times of trouble than in happiness. It is the greatest gift of life.

Friendship takes time and effort to build. It grows gradually and one must be willing to get to know the other person. It is important to be yourself in a friendship for it to last forever and equally important to accept the other person as such.

The times have changed with the evolution of information technology and social networking. It offers immense opportunities to meet new people, get to know them and change total strangers into real friends. This also is a platform, where we first virtually meet and the actual meeting might happen long after, two people have become friends while the traditional way is to meet first and then befriend.

Social networking and my interest in it have grown simultaneously. I have made good friends with a few whom I have met only because of the internet. This article is about one of them. Our interaction happened due to an email I was forwarding to an acquaintance which mistakenly got sent to somebody else. That was the start of our communication. He responded back and then I reverted. In a few email interactions, we got to know about each other and our interests made it easier for us to become friends.

In short time, we became really good friends. We exchanged numbers, started talking. . The phase when our interaction started, I was going through a down patch. He was a true inspiration and he motivated me to look up and stay positive. Opportunities knock on the door only when one waits with patience and persistence. I also knew it all, but during the bad times, a friendly support is all one needs and it truly helps. It immensely helped me recover from the bad phase. All that and we were living in two different cities far apart.

So our conversations were limited to the internet and mobile for a few years. Then I got a chance to visit his city for attending a marriage ceremony of a good friend of mine. Finally, I got the chance to meet a friend I made virtually for the first time. It was quite an exciting feeling. It was good to see the person I have interacted with so many times to meet for the first time in the real sense of the meeting. That meeting made our friendship stronger and we have met quite many times since then. But the first meeting will always remain the first. It always brings smiles when I recall that.

All that we achieve in our lives is much due to the ones we love the most. The bonding that we share matters a lot. The feeling of togetherness is truly empowering!

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  1. Very nice! I hope this friend of yours stays with you for your whole life..shares your pain and enjoys your success! :)


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