Quikr NXT: Makes buying fun and easiest!

Online classified business is expanding wide and across in India with the increasing reach of smartphones. Quikr, as a online classified services portal, was launched in 2008. It has grown into India’s largest online and mobile classified portal ever since. It always tries to do its best in the field to make buying and selling easier for its users.

Quikr Nxt is a step ahead to ensure smart, simple and safe transactions. Indiblogger, through its fantastic Happy Hours initiative, has given me a chance to explore Quikr Nxt to look for a Car. To be more precise, I have been asked how I will replace my existing Car with something better using Quikr Nxt.

With Quikr, the process can really be done in two simple ways.

First Choice is to contact the Car Dealers or agencies directly over the Quikr. I can chat with them at my convenience regarding exchange of my existing car with a brand new one. With features of Quikr Nxt like sharing photos and complete history of past chats, the process can be done as per the needs smoothly and easily. I can get a good deal by talking with a few dealers and finalize upon the best among them all depending upon my budget constraints and mutual agreement.

The Second Choice is what Quikr truly stands for. It being a portal with a huge variety of sellers from all across India provides a fantastic opportunity to interact with some of them and finalize a deal without any mediating dealer.

For this, I first need to sell my existing Car to a dealer on Quikr and then contact a few prospective sellers for buying a brand new one. This option can be exercised by using filters on search menu “Posted by Individual” and “Posted by Dealer”.

To begin with, Quikr Nxt provides an option to create a free alert by providing my buying preferences. I can detail my specific requirements here regarding my budget, preferred brands and City I am residing in etc. It must be noted that these specific details must be mentioned with clarity. Depending upon my preferences, Quikr provides a list of prospective sellers nearby and then I can contact them as per my convenience.

Quikr Nxt also has a novel feature of complete number privacy. It ensures that all communications to prospective buyers or sellers can be done directly via Chat without any need of sharing the number. In this way, I can communicate with a few sellers privately and then I need to reveal my number only to the seller I finalize. This gives a hassle free experience without any disturbing calls at odd hours which may happen in case otherwise.

I can choose favourable choices of Car Dealers and prospective sellers into my list and contact them individually over the chat feature of Quikr Nxt. I will share a few images of my existing Car with the buyers/dealers and ask for the images from the prospective sellers in order to get an idea of present condition of the cars they are searching a buyer for. This will give me an idea about which car choices are closer to my expectations and which are not worth looking for.

Finally, with a wide array of choices and convenience of Quikr Nxt, It’s far easy and fun to find a better Car of my choice than the existing one I already have. All this at the convenience of my fingers just a click away. Sounds awesome, isn’t it? It definitely is, as they love saying, a 'truly befikar experience’.


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