The truly Befikar Shopping Experience!

We all love Shopping and with time, its becoming simpler and easier. Online Shopping has brought the experience just a click away. Diwali is the perfect time to shop for us Indians. I wanted to buy something or the other this time. I have much online shopping experience with regard to books and related stuff. But i wanted to purchase something different this time. 

Not all shopping experiences end up good as was evidenced by some of us after a famous online shopping website announced a maha-sale and ended up ruining its reputation by disappointing its customers. Though there could be nothing more convenient than shopping online from home and if the experience could be made worry-free, Its the best that can be.

Hence i thought of checking for options over the internet and i came across Quikr. The tagline 'No fikr, Bech Quikr!' caught the attention.

This is not the first time that i am buying from Quikr. I have already bought an Air Conditioner this summer from Quikr and the experience had been really good.  

I connected with a few sellers and then cracked a deal for a Samsung AC with an stabilizer for Rs 8000. The whole process took hardly 2-3 hours and the same day, I got the AC installed. The experience was truely quick and without any worries as there were no mediators and i bought it directly from seller.

So basically this was the second time that i visited Quikr to buy some awesome deal. I was directed to the Delhi page of Quikr where there was a convenient items' listing to choose from or create free alert as per the need. The website does not compulsorily ask you to sign in/register to go through  the listings, so someone in a hurry can still visit options without signing up. 

I had yet not finalized on my choice of item that i wished to buy. My budget was Rs 5000, So i started to check for some random items and then decided to buy either a printer or a phone whatever i got as a best deal. 

Firstly, i started my search for Printers on the website.

I came across some steal deals at quite discounted prices. Definitely it was Diwali effect and I started to communicate with a few sellers. The good thing with Quikr is that one directly gets to contact the seller without any intermediation and can discuss about the product and pricing. I zeroed in on a few products specially on a HP Wi Fi Printer that i was getting at around Rs 5500 after some bargaining.

Then i thought to give mobiles and tablets section a try before finalizing on which product to buy.

I clicked on Mobiles and tablets options and refined my search by setting the custom price range from Rs 0-6000 and operating system as android so that i get only the relevant choices. I came across 2 choices which i found really alluring- one, a used Micromax Canvas HD at a steal price of Rs 6000 and another, an almost new just a week older Micromax Canvas Android One at a price of 5500. 

Now I had to finalize whether i want to buy a printer or a phone. An HP wi fi printer at such price was a decent bargain, but then i though to buy a Micromax Canvas Phone and held the decision to buy a printer at some later date.

Then I contacted both the sellers and tried to bargain to get a good deal at Rs 5000. Canvas HD phone was a bit older and though it was also a good deal at Rs 6000, but Canvas A1 phone was just a week old so it was as good as new. Hence i bargained with the seller who agreed to sell it for Rs 5000 if i finalize asap. 

The seller Mr Gyanendra was located at Dr Mukherjee Nagar, some 30 minutes away from Karol Bagh where i reside. I boarded the metro and met him en route at Kashmir Gate. He gave me the phone with the box containing all the accessories. I checked the phone and other stuff as mentioned on the box. It was an absolutely new phone, with all the accessories intact. He was gifted this phone by someone else and hence wanted to sell it and buy something else. I got the deal at Rs 5000 which was worth it for me.  I immediately paid for it and got back with the phone. The deal was closed in a matter of hours.

The seller was really cordial and certainly direct communication with the seller gave me the confidence to buy without bothering about anything. The deal was also worth for the seller. As without Quikr he had to try selling it at some Mobile Shop where he would not have got such a decent price nor would i have got the deal at such a price. So it was a win win situation for both of us. It makes perfect sense to call Quikr as 'Buyer and Seller ka Perfect Matchmaker'.

The best part of the shopping was its being a truly hasssle-free experience. Buyers can easily search for sellers and respective products. The same can be contacted in parallel at the same time. Buyers and Sellers can finalize when to meet and where to meet in order for buyer to check the product before buying it. And once they meet, the deal can be finalized then and there. Quikr uniquely connects virtual shopping with the real shopping. 

To sum up the whole buying experience, It was a truly befikar Shopping Experience. Thank You Quikr for keeping it simple. It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.

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